Guide to Choosing a High Quality Suture Practice Kit

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A suture practice kit is a must-have for anyone who's aspiring to become a medic, veterinarian or physician.

It should be noted that not all suture kits are alike, and you'll find that some are better than others. To prevent you from wasting time and money finding the right one, here's a short guide to help you out. 


The Suture Pad Must Be Realistic and Have Many Different Wound Types 

It's said that suture practice kits are defined by the pad they have. Companies must focus their attention to creating a high-quality practice pad that allows you to practice. It should be close to or similar to real skin and wounds to maximize learning. 

Suture pads are typically used as teaching demonstrations or for practice. Examinations are done by showing the professor how to suture a wound- by your own, you'll want to practice as much as possible so you'll be ready.

If possible, get a multi-layer pad that simulate skin, fat and muscle. Durability is also a must-have, and if it's reusable then you're looking at a worthy purchase.


The Kit Must Have All the Essential Tools

A suture practice kit isn't a good kit if it doesn't have all the necessary tools needed for medical students. 

In suturing a wound you'll probably need around five to six tools, namely a Hegar needle holder, an Adson forceps, suture scissors and surgical blades.

You won't have to waste money trying to piece together a suture practice kit, as there are complete ones in the market. By choosing a high quality and all in one kit you can get practicing as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

Also, suture threads shouldn't come as an afterthought. Good practice kit companies will have them in various types and eliminate the need to have to buy them separately. The more complete the package, the better.


The Kit Must Be Portable and Convenient

Convenience and portability are oft-overlooked aspects but they're equally important.

Some kits will come in a plastic bag or package that won't be usable after you've opened them. This makes it hard to find the right box or organizer to fit them all in. What's more, the items will move around and damage each other (or the pad), thus rendering them less useful when you need to practice. They won't last as long either.

Look for suture practice kits that come in a convenient and easy-carry storage case so you can bring it to medical school, home or anywhere with little to no trouble. These kits usually have indentions for its tools and pad so they won't move around during transport.


The Suture Practice Kit Must Be Tried and Tested

Last but not least, the kit must be a trusted product by medical students and practitioners. If it has a guarantee from medical professionals and garner high reviews, then it's a sign that you should consider buying it. A suture kit will have to have the exact specifications as requested so it can provide realistic education to those who need it.



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